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Student spotlight: Samarah Palomo

Tiana Specht, Staff Reporter

September 17, 2019

Samarah Palomo, a junior at Gering High School, is a new student this year. There are many new students, but Samarah Palomo is one of the recent ones to join our team. Samarah transferred because she thought that Scottsbluff wasn’...

Student Spotlight: Allison Maschmeier

Abby Madden, Staff Reporter

December 21, 2018

In Gering we have many students that pursue excellence in both academics and activities. This is Allison Maschmeier our academic spotlight of the week. Here are various things about her that you may or may not have known. Q: W...

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Johnson

Abby Madden, Staff Reporter

December 7, 2018

How long have you been teaching and where have you taught? I have been teaching for 24 years. I have taught at schools around the Panhandle. I taught at Morrill High School for 10 years then I taught at WNCC for seven years....

Activity Spotlight: Matt Eckerberg

Olivia Longmore, Staff Reporter

November 13, 2018

BP: What activities are you involved in? Matt: I am in one act and band and that’s it right now, I think. BP: What is your favorite activity? Matt: My favorite is band. BP: What is your weapon of choice for a zombie apocalypse?...

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