Failing: Who’s Responsibility?

Tammie McElwee, Staff Reporter

Failing is a problem many students face in High School. Whether it’s an assignment that didn’t go according to plan, or a test that went South, we’ve all had our fair share of bad grades. It’s already clear students struggle to keep their heads up in classes, the real question is who is at fault? On one side the fault may be the students themselves, but on the other, it could be the teacher failing to aid. 

Many teachers and students here at Gering both agree that the fault starts with the learners actions. Students are held accountable for keeping up with assignments, slacking off, not turning anything in and other bad decisions that will clearly hurt your grade. However, sometimes the student has no control in the matter, the teacher’s method of teaching, whether it be speedy lessons and extra homework, or a study guide that didn’t match up with the test. 

Asking the student body led to some very interesting results. Most teachers unsurprisingly stated the students were responsible for their actions. Liz, one of the librarians here at Gering High stated, “It’s the students fault, it all starts with student effort”, implying the only thing that can drive a student to success is the motivation to succeed.

A very one sided student, Britney Hefley, stated, “ If the student doesn’t do their work, they’re obviously going to get a bad grade. The amount you do affects the kind of grade you’ll get.”
A plethora of different students also agree on the fact that their job is to listen and follow directions to better their education and pass. The teachers are here to teach, and the students and here to learn, that’s what school is all about. Not only High School, but college as well, no matter which one you go to. The best thing to do as a scholar is to keep up with assignments and stride your way to victory.