The damages of hurricane Dorian

Evan Fuller, Staff Reporter

 September 1st, 2019, Hurricane Dorian began its rampage against the Bahama and Abaco islands. Dorian, already a Category Five hurricane, swooped in with 185 miles per hour winds. When the storm moved on several days later little was left in its wake. At least 43 of the islands people were killed; the number could be exponentially higher as more intel is gathered. Dorian tore into the northern Bahamas, the Grand Bahama island and little and big Abaco islands were heavily damaged. 

The damages were far more than people once imagined. Most of these island economies are based on fishing, now docks are stripped from their foundations and the boats are left overturned. Thousands of houses were leveled and the streets were flooded. Great Abaco, the island most ravaged by Hurricane Dorian, is deemed virtually uninhabitable As many people were evacuated as possible before Dorian hit but some just couldn’t escape in time or just didn’t want to, hence the casualties. 

   Hurricane Dorian was first formed as a tropical depression on the 24th of August with wind speeds of 35 mph. It only grew from there, it first became a Category One Hurricane on August 28th near the U.S. Virgin Islands, and caused blackout throughout the Virgin Islands. Dorian continued to grow to a Category Four Hurricane on the 30th of August, generating wind speeds reaching 130 mph at most. Like a bull seeing red, The Hurricane set its sight on the east coast of the US of A. Then it hit the Bahamas on September 1st as stated in the article Although Florida would be a prime target for Dorian to strike like people thought. Dorian would end up merely grazing off Florida but spared none of its fury against North and South Carolina and Georgia. 

   Even before Dorian left the Bahamas, the east coast was already affected with winds and rainfall. From the roaring winds generated several tornados, caused by the different air bodies clashing together with the tropical winds of the coast and the hurricane’s hell-wind, causing damages to the area. An island town just off the coast of North carolina called Emerald isle was hit by one of those tornadoes. The island was manhandled by the hurricane-born tornado. The tornado ran through a particular trailer park, the houses easily rose from the ground. Even when hurricane Dorian was moving away from the Carolinas, the storm whipped the coast with high speed winds. Beyond that, with rain pouring down and giant waves crashing into shore, flooding is prominent in the coast. Hurricane  Dorian had as of now died down to a Category One Hurricane and is still traveling up coast athr speed of 5 miles per hour, slow but it is a hurricane.