Gering High School Celebrates Homecoming week

Ella Thomas, Staff Reporter

Gering High School’s homecoming football game will take place this Friday, September 27th is and will be followed by the homecoming dance the next evening. 

   Prior to the game and dance, the week itself is filled with fun activities that all students can participate in. On Monday, September 23, students can dress tropical and put on some shades. The following day, twin with your favorite teacher. On Wednesday, come to school wearing your pajamas. That Thursday, it’s a throwback day where students can come to school dressed from whatever generation they want. On Friday, the student body will compete in participation, where freshmen wear all white, sophomores wear all black, juniors will wear all gold and seniors will wear all blue.

   Student Council adviser Matt Saloman is looking forward to the homecoming festivities.

   “It’s a kick off to a new school year and an enjoyable time.” Salomon said.

   Every person on student council had a role for planning the week. Whether it was coming up with ideas or voting on them, every individual contributed to planning this years homecoming week. Members of the council said that they had fun planning it because they were able to work with each other and other people. They enjoyed being able to help and come up with ideas, and they loved watching all of their hard work fit together. 

   Senior and Student Council president Emily Harrison wants to make the dance a fun time for everyone.

   “Our overall goal is to make it just an enjoyable dance where everyone can enjoy it and have fun.” Harrison said.

   Harrison said seniors will remember this homecoming because they have a lot of involvement and they have a chance to be royalty. Seniors have more opportunities than they did in the past and she believes that will be a factor as to why they will remember their senior homecoming the most.

   Sophomore Erika Tovar is absolutely thrilled to be attending the dance this year.

   “I am excited for the dance and being able to spend time and being able to hang out with my friends,” Tovar said. “ I hope it is better than the freshman dances.”

   Aside from these festivities, starting that week on Monday at 4 o’clock, there is a ribbon cutting ceremony for the school. Later at 7 p.m., there is a pep rally open to all students, parents and faculty. The dance itself is on Saturday, it starts at 9 p.m. and ends at 12 a.m.