Flourishing in Being Herself at a New School


Abby Madden, Staff Reporter

Victoria Christopherson, a sophomore here at Gering High School is excelling in the major change she had to overcome to be able to go to school here. 

Before coming to Gering, Victoria began her school career in a small, little town in Colorado. The town was called Sheridan Lake and the school was Plainview she went to consisted of 60 children Pre-K through 12 grade. 

Christopherson was at Plainview school with children from 3 other surrounding towns. She was at the school until her family moved to Nebraska about a quarter into her sixth-grade year. 

From there she was then homeschooled with her mom as her teacher in Gering. Continuing this school system until this year. 

Transferring to Gering was a struggle for Christopherson and her parents. She and her parents were concerned with the process because homeschooling is very different from public schooling. 

“What I did and what I learned with homeschooling was troubling having it line up with the state standards,” said Christopherson. “After all the struggles my parents handled it.” 

Christopherson notices major differences from homeschooling and public schools. She misses homeschooling, while she is getting to know what she enjoys about public schooling. 

“I miss that if you get sick, which I have done twice so far, you can just stop doing school activities. You can just go later in the year or take some time out of breaks,” said Christopherson. 

Someday her goal is to graduate from Gering with all A’s. Then continue her school career at a college that has a history program. 

“I would like to become a historical park ranger,” said Christopherson. 

Enjoy learning is one of the things Christopherson enjoys the most. In everything she does and participates in, she is always asking questions. She is constantly asking questions on how things work, what happens, and why things happen the way they happen. 

“It’s so hard to explain why I love learning,” said Christopherson. “I love going ‘Really, I didn’t know that did that or that animal does that?’ I find it fascinating when I ask people the same questions and getting different responses.”  

Her curiosity helps define her because if she doesn’t understand something she will ask questions.

“My brain is fascinated by pretty much everything. I could sit in a chair and stare at the ceiling and still have questions to ask,” said Christopherson. 

Gering has made an impact on Christopherson in the few weeks. She has learned that Gering students are nice and friendly. She has not had any conflicts with anyone. 

“I feel like the students have a lot of school pride and the students also encourage one another alot,” said Christopherson. 

Not only is she a great student, but she is a positive person and spreads her positivity throughout the people she interacts with. 

“Life could always be worse,” said Christopherson. “Life isn’t any worse than what other people are going through.” 

Not only school keeps her busy but also her summer. She is invested in many different activities. First, she is a volunteer at a Vacation Bible School at the church of her hometown for five days. Next, she is involved a week of living history classes and living history in Bensfort Colorado. After, she went to rodeo bible camp where she is a trick rider on a horse. She then more local camp called Camp Rock in Reddington. Zoofarie was her next activity at the Riverside Discovery Center where she helped the zoo keepers and interacted with several animals. She then also had a landscaping job at the Daily Grind. 

Being a new student is hard, especially coming in when your class is in sophomore year of high school, but Christopherson is flourishing in being herself.