Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Hadenfeldt


Tammie McElwee, Staff Reporter

Lisa Hadentfelt, an English teacher here at Gering High School, has been teaching for a total of 34 years. Hadentfeldt went to Kennesaw High School, and student taught at Hasting St. Cecilia

She currently teaches English I, freshman, and II, sophomores. She has also taught Publications in years past when the Freshman Academy was still in use for the underclassmen. In Publications, she taught freshman to create and write in journalism format. 

Inspiring her to become a teacher was her High School English teacher Connie Meyer. Hadenfeldt originally wanted to become a writer, taking classes to forward her career as a Journalist. However, seeing as the hours weren’t what she wanted, she instead used her English credits towards teaching English courses.   

Hadenfeldt originally started teaching at a North Platte Junior High in the Journalism department. Throughout her years of teaching, she’s grew quite fond of one particular class, freshman English. She states she loves teaching the class, and freshmen are her favorite students to teach. She enjoys the variety of personalities all the different students bring to the class.

Hadenfeldt never thought about going to college, she wanted to become a mom. Her passion never subsided even though she viewed her life with family. 

Her favorite memory of being a teacher was a recent action the teachers came up with for a student. A little girl was being transferred, and the students didn’t take kind to it, putting her in a very bad spot. The teachers at the time came together to get her an entire bouquet of flowers.