Student spotlight: Samarah Palomo

Tiana Specht, Staff Reporter

Samarah Palomo, a junior at Gering High School, is a new student this year. There are many new students, but Samarah Palomo is one of the recent ones to join our team.

Samarah transferred because she thought that Scottsbluff wasn’t the right place for her. She likes it better here because there is a better education system than Scottsbluff, and the teachers are more one-on-one with the students.

Palomo likes it better here because everyone is nice and friendly and she has more friends over here than she did over there. Her favorite part of the new school is the commons area, where she can sit and enjoy her friends company.

Palomo is finding it easier to get into the block scheduling than having eight classes a day. She also thinks that it’s better having four classes a day so you don’t have to have the same homework everyday.

Palomo’s favorite class is Ms. Dillinger’s science class, she likes it because she thinks that Ms. Dillinger is a good teacher and helps her students a lot! Palomo’s other favorite teacher is Mr. Plummer because she thinks that he is cool, and is very passionate about teaching.

Palomo thinks that nothing is the same as Scottsbluff. She feels that everything is different because the teachers help, the school is better, and she likes the scheduling. 

Palomo feels like she does not miss anything from Scottsbluff, because she has all her friends here. Palomo also feels like her classes are easier here than in Scottsbluff because the teachers explain everything better, and help her if she needs help with any homework.

Palomo’s favorite thing about coming to Gering are her classes, seeing her friends more, and having her schedule blocked. She likes how the school looks and how the school spirit is better than Scottsbluff.

Palomo is having an easier time at Gering because she is doing better here with her grades and with how she is spending her time. Palomo likes coming to school, because she gets to have different classes everyday with the block scheduling. 

Palomo says that she is not in any extracurricular activities, because she doesn’t have enough time doing homework and going to school. Palomo is not in any sports but she is wanting to go out for soccer this year. She has been involved in volleyball, basketball, and now she wants to play soccer. 

Palomo feels like she is going to do better here than she did in Scottsbluff, because she is going to work hard and use time wisely. She also feelings like she is going to enjoy her junior and senior year here.