18-year-old kills newborn baby

Madi Miller, Staff Reporter

As many of you have probably read, an 18 year old woman killed her newborn baby. Brooke Richardson and her mother were very centered on Brooke appearance and weight. Richardson had suffered from many eating disorders. When she found out she was pregnant she was not happy about it. She continued having an eating disorder and even tried refilling her birth control pills! No one at school knew she was pregnant because she was so skinny. 

Just two weeks after her dr. appointment, Richardson had given birth at night in the bathroom. She named the baby girl Annabelle and then murdered her. Just soon after that she had taken the dead baby to her family’s yard and buried her by their fire pit. Hours after she buried her baby she texted her mother, “My belly is back OMG!” She will soon be going to court and if convicted, she may spend life in prison. 

To me, it is a very sick thought that someone could even do that to their child. From another teen’s perspective, no matter what the situation is, I could not kill my own baby that has been growing inside of me. It says Richardson suffered from eating disorders since she was 12. Obviously she is very concerned about her body, she should have just given the baby up for adoption after she gave birth to her. 

Many may argue that if abortion was legal, these type of situations would not happen. In some ways I agree with that statement and in other ways I disagree. In Ohio it is not legal to abort a baby once a heartbeat is detected. If Richardson had known sooner that she was pregnant she could have aborted it before it got to this severity. However, it is her fault for not taking those actions right away when the baby had been conceived. 

In my opinion, I think Richardson should go to prison for life for the crime she has committed. Technically the baby was alive when she gave birth to Annabelle. This makes it a homicide. I am going to keep up with the news to see what her conviction results are, and so should you!