Gun violence in the United States

Adam Flowers, Staff Reporter

The calendar year 2019 has a total of 365 days. As we are currently in the month of September, we are well over half of our year. As of September 15th, we are on our 258th day of the year and there have already been 300 mass shootings, according to the Gun Violence Archive. Just this year alone, there have been over 10,000 deaths and over 20,000 injured relating to gun violence.

   The United States is amidst a gun crisis, as we mourn for the victims and their families, but we are not taking much action. There have been numerous mass shootings over the past decade alone, but still have yet to work towards a permanent and efficient solution. There are protests and campaigns, some wanting to ban guns and others supporting guns. It is almost impossible to ban guns outright, as every U.S. citizen is entitled to their second amendment right, but there are people finding ways to step into public establishments and take the lives of others. Is there a way to find a middle ground?

   I believe that guns or any weapon that is used by all branches of the military should not be commercially available to the general public, as most of these high-caliber weapons are being used in mass shootings. Even though if we do minimize the availability of these types of weapons, there will still be people that will find their way around this.

   In a sense to “fight fire with fire,” concealed carry could be an option. According to World Population Review, there are only nine states that have laws for people to own a concealed carry with a permit and a certain intention, or may-issue laws. Other states have shall-issue laws, meaning that a license is required to own a concealed handgun, although the carrier does not have to demonstrate a “good cause” for carrying the gun.

   Throughout the entire nation, there has been speculation and arguments on both sides about whether or not teachers should be allowed to carry concealed handguns. Since the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school in Parkland, Florida experienced a mass shooting, more and more states are beginning to allow teachers to have concealed weapons on a school campus. These actions and bills being passed have slowly improved the safety of these schools.

   We do need to come to the conclusion that mass shootings can be inevitable, we just have to make them become inevitable. We can have the same exact laws in our country that other countries currently have. We can run background checks on any who is interested in purchasing a firearm and we can require licenses in all 50 states for anyone who would like to own a concealed weapon. We can easily pass so many bills and do lots of things to further prevent more mass shootings in our country. While all of this may take time, we can hopefully and eventually become a better government and society in regards to gun regulations.