The real link between violence and video games

The real link between violence and video games

Evan Fuller, Staff Reporter

Anyone who is prominent in the video game community probably knows that once again video games are under fire by the media, this time concerning the link of video games and the recent mass shooting massacres plaguing this country. President Donald Trump stated that he wanted to cut out the glorification of violence in video games. Social media is stating that the use of video games results in more aggressive students that are willing to harm others.  I am not downplaying these travesties by any means but the roots that cause them are deeper than most people think, much deeper than video games. Video games do not cause these shootings and to some degree violence. I say to some degree because in a way games can lead to some physical confrontation but not on its own. There is always a bigger issue that leads it to be physical. Issues that are often swept under the rug.


   It is very important to know why these terrible things happen. I know from personal experience that the little things build up. Think of it like air in a balloon: when a kid gets pushed around and bullied, that adds a little air in their balloon; in time that balloon gets a little too big and it pops. That pop could have devastating consequences. When a kid feels like he or she has no other choice, they do drastic things like physically confronting their bullies; or if he’s really far gone, commit the tragedies we are seeing on the news. 


   How video games play a role in these events, I don’t know. Video games don’t cause an outright increase in violence and aggression. But I could maybe see the media’s perspective. Video games are violent, yes I know, shocker. Video games have the freedom to house more violence and darker aspects than in shows and movies. Some games are especially violent like Mortal Kombat, Gears of War, GTA and endless more. Very graphic content is on all of those games; I know because I’ve played them. Not to mention of these politicians that blame video games for violence genuinely aren’t in touch with the younger generations and their culture. An outright ban on these games is nearly impossible because it is a huge market consisting of over 165 million gamers in America alone,  banning them will not do anything except make a lot of people mad.


   For me, video games are a favorite pastime of mine. It allows me to indulge in things that society would deem immoral and wrong. In what other circumstance would bragging about running other countless people be acceptable, only in a video game. In what setting would going on a tank rampage throughout the city not result in swift death? Only in a video game. In what setting would you be able to pelt your enemies indiscriminately with artillery fire, only in a video game. Try any of these right now in real life, life-threatening consequences would ensue. The glory of games is the ability to pursue any desire you have, whether it’s cute and cuddly or literal war crimes; as long as it’s virtual.