Jane the Virgin comes to an end


Madi Miller, Staff Reporter

I am not sure about anyone else but I know this summer I watched, Jane the Virgin. Jane the Virgin is considered a romantic dramedy and satirical telenovela. Generally, I do not get into those types of series, I usually get more into crime shows and thrillers. However, for some reason this series just really caught my attention. Heck, even my dad got into it and would watch them with me!

Jane the Virgin is about this young woman who goes in to OBGYN. While she is there it turns out she was artificially inseminated! She was always raised very religiously by her grandmother and belived in NO sex before marriage. Jane was in love and was holding off until her and her beloved got married. But things took a huge turn when the test came back positive! 

Of course, like any other woman who accidentally gets inseminated, she wanted to figure out who this baby daddy was. She gets ahold of him and it turned out that that insemination was meant for his wife! His wife is a little bit on the crazy side though at the beginning of the series and she gets inseminated anyways. Now, Rafael is having babies with two different women! (That poor man) Later on in this dramatic series, Jane and Rafael fall in love and now Jane has to choose between Michael and Rafael. Not until the very last season does she finally choose who she is going to spend the rest of her life with. 

Now I cannot spoil this whole show for you so I will have to stop there but I definitely recommend it, EVEN if you are a guy!