80’s Comeback


Madi Miller, Staff Reporter

As many of you have probably noticed, the 80’s are definitely making a comeback. As teenagers, we just see it as our style, but to our parents they see it as the past making a comeback. It truly is amazing how things from then are getting brought back up and being seen as “cool.” I’m sure that if our parents would have tried to force us to dress like that three years ago, we would have just looked at them like they’re crazy or something. 

When I look around in the hallways at school I notice many things that have came back. The first one I notice however, would have to be the crocs. If I wore crocs in middle school I would have been laughed at! Nowadays, I own two pairs and always get compliments on them! 

As one of our Gering High School students, Sarah Connot states, “They’re comfy” 

The other handy, dandy thing that has come back is the fanny pack. Those are probably one of the most convenient things in the world, because you can just carry all of your little necessities just right there on your side. 

Sophomore Sarah Connot, has been pioneering quite a few of these trends for her own convenience and comfortability.

“[My fanny pack] is what I carry my pencils and stuff around,” Connot said. “It’s just handier.”

All the popular stores now, like Pink, Vans, American Eagle, Buckle, and even Walmart sells them! Kids in school wear them to keep their pencils and chapsticks and everything need for class in them. 

Have you ever heard of what they call “mom jeans.” Well apparently not just “moms” wear them. They are something many teens wear today. You may wonder where they came from? In the 1980s the younger, cool and hip women wore them. Then we came out with the idea of skinny jeans and these knocked the mom jeans out of style. Now, the have a huge comeback and you can buy them at any hip store. 

Connot’s reasoning for wearing mom jeans is strictly just, “the style.”  

Even though Sarah follows all of these fashion trends, she does not consider herself a vsco girl. Sarah comments, “ I refuse to wear big scrunchies and have a hydro flask and a seashell necklace. I don’t walk around saying sksksks.”