“NEVER A DULL MOMENT”: Korell begins her first year at Gering


Adam Flowers, Staff Reporter

 After English teacher, Roxann Thompson, had retired from teaching over 40 years, there were new shoes that needed to be filled. After the search for a new teacher, there was someone who wanted the position without question.

   Bayard native, Breanna Korell, came to Gering in search for her ideal workplace, a classroom where she could make learning enjoyable for her students.

   “I had a really, really good English teacher in high school,” Korell said. “[All my teachers] always made the classes made the classes super fun, they made school fun and there was never a day I didn’t want to go to school. I figured I could possibly do that to my students.”

   Korell earned her bachelor’s degree from Chadron State University and intends on earning her master’s degree within the next year.

   For her first year of teaching, she taught at Beatrice High School, although she was a student teacher at Gering for a semester. When the position opened up, she felt compelled to apply.

   “Gering has always been my dream job. When I did my student teaching here, I knew I wanted to be here.”

   Her typical day in the classroom from when she walks into the building includes her lesson planning, as well as instruction time.

   “Usually when I get here, I don’t really prepare for the next day, so when I come in, I always get things ready for that day. When I’m actually teaching, it depends on what we’re working on. I’m a pretty relaxed teacher, so kids have a lot of time to do their homework in class and ask questions.”

   Korell teaches English I, which consists of freshman, but she also teaches English III, which consists of juniors. Although, she enjoys teaching English I.

   “[English I] is a lot easier for me to teach, rather than trying to teach ACT prep. English I is more of a laid back style.”

   Korell’s favorite part about teaching is the kids.

   “There’s never two days in a row that are the same. They always come in with either a smile or a scowl, and I love trying to get that out of them. I’ll try to get them distracted from any worries or problems outside my room and get them relaxed. It’s never a dull moment.”