Marvel and Sony cut Spiderman deal with Tom Holland


Evan Fuller, Staff Reporter

  Marvel Studios and Sony Entertainment had an unexpected clash concerning the deal they had that allowed spiderman, played by British actor Tom Holland, to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The dispute sadly ended with Marvel no longer having the right for Spiderman to appear in their movies. Instead, the next line of Spiderman movies will be made under Sony’s banner. As for Tom Holland, he still remains in the mask in those upcoming movies. This may change if Marvel and Sony reach a middle ground and come up with a new deal that benefits both of them but as of now, Spiderman holds no place in the MCU anymore. I spoke to Mr. Gebara about this news and he had this to say: “I’m sad, but I’m glad that Tom Holland is still going to be spiderman going forward.” 

  Before we dive in the nitty-gritty of this controversy, let us take a look at how Tom Holland’s Spiderman came to be. In the beginning, when Tom Holland first showed up as spiderman in Captain America: Civil War Sony and Marvel made a deal. The deal was to make another Spiderman trilogy set in the MCU. Those movies that we know being Spiderman: Homecoming and Spiderman: Far From Home. The web-slinger had also cameoed in his introduction to the MCU in Civil War and in Avengers: Infinity wars and Endgame. Sony had to handle the production cost and distribution and get nearly all of the box office profits from those movies, little to no money was ever shared between the studios, at least compared to the companies’ overall worth. It might seem that Marvel got the short end of the deal but the studio got what it wanted, its own version of spiderman. Having Peter Parker, being the superhero he is, has really helped the MCU boom in popularity. Even though they can’t make any income from the movies, Marvel had full reign to market spiderman merchandise like toys and clothing which is a very profitable venture.

   The decision for Sony and Marvel to terminate their deal boils down to one thing: money. I could summarize it with three words, Disney got greedy. After the web-slingers latest movie Spiderman: Far from Home raked in over a billion dollars in sales, Disney wanted to change up the deal. The company immediately insisted that the two companies should share the ticket sale profits 50/50. Now going from having basically no share in profits to going half N half was a 0 to 100 change. Sony immediately refused and Marvel said fine and closed off the deal. 

   It is a real shame, Spiderman played a big role in the MCU movies. There was a big future planned for the web-slinger in the MCU. At least 2 movies more movies were planned for Tom Holland’s Spiderman, now being moved to Sony. So what to expect from these potential new movies, well the cast has to be repicked because marvel was responsible for the casting during the deal. It is also a possibility that yet another spiderman reboot is on the way. Sony can’t use the plot from the previous movies. Whether or not any of this is final we don’t know but right now as it is, Spiderman is not in the Marvel Cinematic universe going through.