Student Spotlight: Calista Muhr


Julie Anderson-Saenz, Staff Reporter

Calista Muhr, who is a senior at Gering High School, is a varsity level softball player. Her position on the team is the starter short-stop. A short-stop’s job is to help protect the left side of the field, and assist the pitcher and third baseman when a ball passes them. They do their best to try to make sure any balls that are hit towards them, or their area, get to the closest base to get a quicker out. A short-stops location on the field stands in the middle of third and second base that way they fill the gap so no balls go by. Playing this position, that means that this player is normally the best defensive player on the field. “I’ve been playing since I was 5, that’s how I have so much experience,” she states.

Throwdowns in practice are her favorite, she says. A throwdown is when the pitcher pitches the ball, the catcher catches it, then throws it straight to second base, where short-stop will catch it and tag the runner for an automatic out. One of her favorite softball memories was when Gering was headed to districts and the team where hyping each other up for the game about to take place during the bus ride. The bus rides are what helps her prepare for the games. During the rides, she talks to teammates, listens to music and her and her team talk about things they need to do to take the win. Her favorite part of playing the game is the competitiveness, and the friendships you can build during the season and on and off the field. She loves this sport because it helps her fuel her fire and help her get her anger out in a positive way. As a senior this year, her softball career will continue into her college career. “I am not entirely sure where I want to go yet, but I am looking into Creighton University or Chadron State College.”

For younger girls who want to join softball in the future, Calista’s advice for you is to, “Just do it, it’s the best thing that will ever happen to you, you won’t regret it.”