Walking the halls for the last time: Gering seniors reflect on graduation

Adam Flowers, Staff Reporter

When senior Matthew Eckerberg was in his fourth period blue day class, he realized that it would be the last time he would ever sit in those desks. He realized that high school is ending and his last few days were upon him.

  “The fact that high school is ending didn’t finally hit me until Friday when I realized it was our last four blue class ever,” Eckerberg said. “It was a really special class to everyone in it.”

  While graduation is nonetheless exciting, but also rather scarly, the seniors are are also seeing it as a great achievement. Salma Silva has been looking forward to graduating since she started high school.

  “I feel extremely relieved and happy that I’m graduating,” Silva said. “I also feel really proud of myself for getting here.”

  Silva thinks that graduation is an important thing that everyone should celebrate. As high school has its peaks and valleys, graduation marks it as a poignant moment in everyone’s lives; a reminder of all that hard work.

  “I think graduation is important to celebrate because getting through high school is not easy for everyone. It takes a lot of work and patience to make it through all the way and do well.”

  Graduation is a bittersweet time for many of these seniors. While many are excited to leave, they also feel bitter about leaving their school and their friends.

  “That’s definitely what I’m most afraid of while graduating,” Eckerberg said. “While most closest friends still plan to do weekly gaming sessions or something just to stay in touch, there are a lot of people that you get to interact with in high school, but not enough to want to stay in touch with them once they leave. It’s sad to think that the one kid you always said ‘hi’ to in the hall but not much else is someone you’re not gonna ever see again.” Eckerberg is attending the University of Wyoming while planning on studying Computer Engineering and Music.

  Ava Marez would agree with this feeling.

  “I’m so excited to leave and experience new things with new people, but at the same time, this school and my peers have been good to me, so it’s kind of sad to see it end.” Marez said.

  Marez thinks that the idea of not being around her friends as much will be sad, but she’s rather hopeful for getting an opportunity to see them again.

  “I’m so close with my friends, but I’m also ready to meet new people and luckily, most of my friends are going to UNL so they’ll still be close if we ever want to do something.” Marez is attending Nebraska Wesleyan University.

  Amongst Marez, many of these seniors are hoping to have new experiences and try new things while in college. Silva is planning on going to the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and majoring in Psychology.

  “I know that everyone, including myself, has so much in store for them when they finally leave for college,” Silva said. “I’ll be happy that I get to meet new people and have new experiences.”