Seniors Participate in Senior Service day

Abby Madden, Staff Reporter

On Tuesday May 7 the senior class had a chance to participate in a service day. They were formed in groups that went out into the community and helped.

This event wasn’t planned to happen at the beginning of the year. The school was going to end this event but seniors Olivia Shaub made it possible this year.

She first went to Mrs. Knight, then she told her to go to Mr. Hubbard. They then worked together to find a date and where the students could help out.

“I decided to ask about this day because I felt like my class should have a chance to participate in Senior Service day just like the classes before us,” said Shaub.  

This day was also very cold and chilly outside. It was also very rainy and the high was only 58 degrees.

One group went to the baseball fields across the Geing pool. There that group raked up pine leaves on both sides of the vence. They also got to go in the announcer’s booth of the Western Nebraska Pioneers and look around.

“It was very cold outside, but when raking pine leaves we were working hard and sweating so it didn’t affect us that badly,” said Janet Spengler.

Another group made their way over to the monument to help park rangers. There they built a metal bookshelf that they needed to put various objects on. This task was complicated and the group took a little bit longer than others.

After they had done their community service the class met up at Gardner Park. There they ate hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, and cookies were donated from Perkins.

At the picnic they also had a chance to win prizes. They were all donations from local businesses and also the school.

“For two weeks straight my friends and I went all around town asking for donations and gifts and support from them,” said Shaub.

Previous to the picnic Ms. Graslie took a group of students shopping at Walmart. They were there for over two hours. She told them to pick out supplies that their fellow students would need in college. The students who went were given a budget of $800.

Those chose gifts that were $50 or less to buy more gifts instead of buying more expensive gifts and less of them.