Evolution of Music

Tiana Specht, Staff Reporter

Nobody really remembers Beethoven, or any other classical musician. Everyone now knows all the rap music and soundcloud rappers. Everyone is now on to the next generation of music.

Now all music is on iTunes or Soundcloud or Spotify, and is just a click away on our phones. New music is not as it was back then, it’s about drugs, sex, gangs, or money.

The music industry has changed over the decades, all thanks to new technology. Instead of having to go out and listen to them, now they can post on any website and the song is just a click away.

Even how we read music is different because people use to go to the store and buy sheet music, but now everything is digital. Music is a good way to express yourself and how you do things, it has every type of mood that you can be.

There is so many genres of music there is Old School, Classical, Country, Hip-Hop, and more. People use to sell their music on mix-tapes or on CD’s, but now they can just upload it online and then have people listen from there.

Recording music has changed too, we are all use to using the voice record on our phone, or a soundbooth. Back then you had to pay an expert that knows how to use any audio which usually costs a lot of money, but now you can do it for yourself and it is free.

Getting paid for your music is not that easy, a lot of people have to listen to it for you to get money for your “views.” Back then you could of just sold your mix-tapes or your CD’s for five or ten dollars.

Good musicians are hard to find now and days because of how everyone is the same or rap about the same thing. Most new music is rap or has rap some point during the song.

The evolution of music tells a story about how everything is changing, and how we have changed as people. Music is something everyone needs, we listen to it everyday at some point.

The future of music depends on where the money takes them, if some songs or genres don’t go so good then we will go with another style. We just have to sit back and see where the music takes us.