You can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree

You can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree

Abby Madden, Staff Reporter

Autumn Elsen is a Freshman at the Gering Freshman Academy. She is known for her positivity in school and also on social media.

She is participated in many school activities including musical, publications, softball, basketball, and band. In band she plays the bass clarinet, in softball she plays third base, and in basketball she plays the post position.

“Musical and band are my favorite school activities. I just really like music. It makes me have a better outlook at life. It has been a safe place for me,” said Elsen.

In school she is also a great student and has been on honor roll and in honor classes.

“I keep my grades up by trying to remember a lot of the stuff and the things I don’t know I go back and look at the notes or the book,” said Elsen. “I read the material over again or if it is math I do more problems. I am a visual learner and auditory learner so I try to see things that things remind me of that I need to remember or remember by hearing words.”

Outside of school Elsen is also involved in a youth group at Calvary Memorial Church. There she plays new games and enjoys the people that are in the group with her.

“I get to learn about things I did not know about. I get to see how I will be able to use the things I learn in life. We also get to play some pretty games,” Elsen said.

Elsen is known for her inspiring quotes on her social media page. Every post she posts on instagram is an inspiration quote or saying. She google searches them if she can’t think of one of her own.

She is also known for her positivity outside social media and in the real world. She always have a great attitude and an inspiring personality.

“In bad situations I think about the good things in life and in the situation. If something bad happens I think to myself what will happen next or what good is going to come out of it,” said Elsen.

Throughout her life she has had many positive influencing adults impact her but the one who stood out the most was her elementary music teacher Mrs. Tolifimier.

“When I was in elementary school at Lincoln. She always made me work harder than I did. She pushed me to my fullest potential. She was always there for me to talk. She helped me for me through hard times in life. She has just been a great positive role model,” said Elsen.

When Elsen grows up she wants to be an elementary teacher. One of her biggest dreams is to impact the world as much as she can.To be able to change someone’s life one way or another. I want to be able to help people with whatever they need help with and teaching will be able to achieve and contribute with that dream.

“I always get along with kids. Kids and I just have a connection. I just want to help younger generation become their full potential,” said Elsen.

Throughout and in her high school career she wants people to be able to see how much she has grown. An upward growth.

“I want people to see where she started to where she is now,” said Elsen. “You can see a very big growth and what I have become.”