Santa Clarita Diet Review

Tiana Specht, Staff Reporter

The Netflix original Santa Clarita Diet was released on February 3, 2017. Santa Clarita Diet is a comedy show, and has three seasons out.

Sheila and Joel are husband and wife realtors, who are trying to live a normal life with their daughter Abby. Until Sheila has a dramatic change and put their lives in danger.

       Sheila starts and tries to get her life as normal as she can, trying not to interfere with her daughter and husbands life. Joel is not use to how Sheila is acting, Abby wasn’t prepared at first but then she got use to it before Joel.

Sheila and Joel keep being realtors trying to do everything as normal as they can. Sheila starts to not be able to eat normal food, and then she tries human flesh and starts to enjoy it.

Sheila and Joel start to kill people but they only kill people that aren’t kind to anyone. They killed their next door neighbor, and a person they worked with, and many other people that they thought were bad.

Abby starts to give up in school and starts to help her mother, even though Sheila and Joel don’t want Abby getting involved they need her help. There starts to be an ongoing investigation of Dan their next door neighbor, who is also a cop.

The police start to suspect that Sheila and Joel have something to do with it, Sheila and Joel start to get worried and start to pack their things together because they are getting ready to move.

The last episode of season two, Sheila and Joel are going out to “finish off” Gary (the guy they worked with) but then the top investigator Anne tries to stop them. She fires at Sheila and see’s that the bullets don’t affect her and then she thinks that god has sent Sheila down to do the dirty work for them.

In the third season, Sheila and Joel are being hunted by the Knights of Serbia because they are looking for the undead to keep their blood so they can sell it, so people can not age. Joel starts to practice to become a Knight, but then doesn’t know if he should or not because Abby would have to take over if Joel died.

Joel ends up taking the job so he can protect Sheila and Abby, The last thing Joel has to do is kill one of the undead. They had Ron locked in their basement because he made Gary bite him to become undead, and they didn’t want Ron going around bitting people.

Ron escapes and Sheila turns someone else undead. Joel gets kidnapped by a Knight and Sheila tries to save him but doesn’t. The people that were turned undead helped Sheila and Joel escape.

The end of season three ends with Joel turning undead. Sheila tries to save him since he wasn’t moving. Before she asked him if he would turn undead for her and he didn’t answer, but now he’s undead.