Healthy narcissism

Adam Flowers, Staff Reporter

Since a very young age, I’ve always shown an avid interest for Greek mythology. There is something so fascinating to me when it comes to learning about mythical Greek gods, goddesses, creatures and a plethora of many other things. Although, one Greek myth that will always stand out to me is the story of Narcissus.

  The story of Narcissus entails a young man who had many lovers, but pushed away anyone that was interested in him. For punishment, Nemesis, the Greek goddess of revenge, led him to a pool, in which he saw his face and fell in love with his own reflection. This is where we get the term ‘narcissism’ from.

  Narcissism is an infatuation or excessive interest with oneself. To many, narcissism is seen as very taboo and it can easily define how someone perceives themselves and their self worth. But, there is such thing as healthy narcissism, and yes, it can be good for you.

  Psychology Today describes healthy narcissism is taking pleasure in one’s beauty, in the workings of one’s mind, in an accomplishment of a tough job well done. The feeling of finding your own worth is something so satisfying and the sensation can be absolutely sustaining.

  Because narcissism has developed such a negative connotation over time, we tend to be doing the opposite. Granted all humans have the ability to be vain, we also have the ability to self-deprecate ourselves, which seems to be over compensating for our ability to admire ourselves.

  Self-deprecation is the instinct to devalue and critique oneself to a point where it can be dangerous. If we continuously deprecate and nitpick at ourselves, we can lower our self worth to the point where we genuinely loathe ourselves.

  Every now and then, we may make a joke about our appearance or personality, but self-deprecation is being taken to such a severity where these jokes aren’t funny anymore. It may become obvious to people that we’re developing low amounts of self-esteem. This devaluing of oneself can ultimately lead to mental disorders, suicidal thoughts and even death. By taking the time once in a while to appreciate what you do and your accomplishments, you can see the positive in situations, instead of the negative.

  Healthy narcissism is something very important, one reason being that it can help you see past self-deprecation. Narcissism can also help you find success in any task or job that you partake in.

  Of course, we do not want to show grand, unhealthy amounts of self-interest, like Narcissus, but we all can take a leaf from him. It is totally acceptable to implement healthy doses of narcissism and pride in what we do. Having that ability to find joy in your job or any task can help you through any rough time of your life.