Is your technology listening to you?

Tiana Specht, Staff Reporter

Smart technology is becoming a big thing for everyone, many advanced technology are able to talk to you. They know what you are doing or when you leave your house, they know when your going to bed and what time you wake up.

Smart technology is getting to know almost everything you are doing, because you talk to your speaker or your tv. Housing is becoming to have smart security, you can now lock your doors by your phone or see who is at your house by your doorbell.

Amazon recently reported that employees are listening to your conversations by your Alexa, or when you speak into an echo smart speaker an employee is listening to you.

Smart technology is becoming overwhelming for other people, because they are starting to do things that normal people can do. There is something new that is always coming out, and they are becoming better and better.

Tens of millions of people use smart speakers or their voice software. Amazon team says they listen so Alexa can get a better understanding on what she can improve.

Since Alexa listens to everything, you might want to be careful of what to say. Two workers said they picked up something that sounded like sexual assault.

Nobody really knows what technology does, until you find something wrong with it. Who knows maybe next time something new comes out it could be watching you and what you do.

Technology is not a very safe thing, you can be able to get social media and post whatever you want on it because there is a leneit on many apps. Technology is starting to do things we can do everyday they are making them work for us and help us with many things.

Amazon said “We take the security and privacy of our customers’ personal information seriously.” Most people don’t trust smart technology because they think that people are listening. They were right about that because Amazon has recently started to with Alexa.

Alexa is starting to give the option to the customers if they want Amazon to be able to listen to recordings. Alexa has all of your personal information and it is up to Amazon to not go out and share most of it.

Amazon echo sent out a recording of a couple’s conversation, they are always listening since they are on the internet. What if they go rogue and stop listening to Amazon.