Athletic Spotlight- Anais Barraza


Sanaya Stanton, Staff Reporter

In Gering we have many students that pursue excellence in both academics and activities, This is Anais Barraza our athletic spotlight of the week. Here are various things about her that you may or may not have known.


Q:What is your back story?

A: I was originally born in Brighton Colorado, when I was a year old we moved to Scottsbluff. I would usually jump schools a lot but from second grade we stayed in gering, and now I know it like the back of my hand.


Q:What do you like about soccer?

A: I like the adrenaline rush it gives me, I like being competitive, and I enjoy it a lot.


Q:How much progress have you made since you first began playing soccer?

A: I think that I’ve progressed a lot. I haven’t played soccer since elementary.


Q:Do you participate in any other sports or activities?

A: No not this year, but next year I plan on continuing soccer, and joining cheer and softball.


Q:Do you plan on playing sports after high school?

A: I’m not sure about that, it’s never been my plan, but you never know.


Q:Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A: I don’t know really, but for right now i’m planning on graduating high school then going to college for four years.


Q:How long have you been playing soccer?

A: I used to play when I was younger, but mainly just for this season.


Q:What is your favorite subject?

A: I think I would have to go with English.


Q:What do you like about being apart of the GHS girls soccer team?

A: I think it’s a lot of fun, and I really like the girls we all get along.


Q:How do you overcome obstacles in life, school, and sports?

A: Just by kind of keeping my head up always doing what I got to do to succeed.


Q:Do you consider yourself a leader?



Q:How hard did you have to work to get where you are now?

A: I had to work really, really hard. At a young age I had to grow up fast so yes I had to work very hard to get where I am now.


Q:Who motivates you?

A: There’s a lot of things that motivate me, but mostly I would have to say my mom she always pushes me to do my best.


Q:Do you have a life motto?

A: Roll with the punches.