Update on Construction

Jenna Balthazor, Staff Reporter

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A lot of things have been happening in the GHS building. Our new library and media center are finished, and many good things are going on in there. The furniture is in, and is available for use. The books are in the library now, and we can check them out again. After talking to Mr. Hubbard, and recieving a tour from him, I can see now that things are really coming along. The old media center, is now completely demoed, and the classrooms for the new freshman academy have their structure. In what we used to know as the front of gym, is now completely destroyed and so much more is being built. The glass wall was put up, and looks great. The new offices for our secretaries have their structure, as well as the new nurses office. In the kitchen, the staff will now have two seperate giant storage rooms, for storing things in coolers, and storing dry foods. The new concessions stand has its structure and it will be ready for the next game that is held in our gym. The new student section for our students is up and will be on the opposite side of the gym then what we are used to. It will be raised up above the hoop, and will be more fun to stand in. The old weights room is completely destroyed, and they will begin to start putting in the new floors soon. In the locker rooms, they are putting in the new structure below ground and have taken out everything old from there. Students will be able to walk to the gym through a new hallway by April first.The new school will be entirely ready for students and staff by the 2019-2020 school year. We are excited to see all of the new changes soon!

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