What Really Goes Into Prom?

Abby Madden, Staff Reporter

Prom. It has been told from our parents that it is the most magical night of our high school lives. It has been told that it is the most iconic American night in a teenagers passage through out life.

An eventing never to be forgotten. But there is alot of work that goes into making the night magical.

Alot of work goes into the night. The school prom committee has to decide the theme. They have to find a location for the dance. They also have to decorate the room prom is in and make the room looks perfect.

Not only does the girls get ready all day long but they prepare for this night an entire month ahead and the month of.

Girls have the struggle of finding their perfect dress. They will go to all different websites, all different apps, all different towns to all different stores to find the perfect dress.

They will try on numerous dresses. Short dresses, long dresses, sparkly dresses, slit dresses, and 2 piece dresses. Until they find the perfect dress for them.

Girls also have to find the perfect accessories to match the dress. Including necklaces, earrings, and shoes. They have to make an appointment for their nails and have the nails and design match their dress.

They also have to tell their dates what color they are wearing and make sure the both of them are matching. The couple also has to order a butiner that matches the corsage that both matches the color of the dress.

Boys have the struggle of asking their date out, and that can be very nerve racking and very hard because they never know what they are going to say. Most girls like the posters, love the flowers, and adore the objects that go along with the poster.

Boys have to scramble their ideas and have to be creative when coming up with a Promposal. They will look at ideas on the internet and find out which one is perfect for the girl they are asking for.

They also have the struggle of buying the corsage for their date and wait for their date to find the perfect dress and the color the dress is.

The couple also has to find a photographer if the parents want pictures. Or they find the parents who want to take the pictures.  

There also has to be a location where the background is beautiful, great, and simple. The weather has to be just right. With the sun has to be high enough and have enough lighting for the picture.

That is just all before dinner. With dinner the boy has to decide where to eat, what to eat, make the reservations.

The boys also have to worry about transportation. They have to make sure they can pick up their date and take her not only to dinner, but also to the dance and back home when it is her curfew.