First Person on Mars

Tiana Specht, Staff Reporter

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Allison McIntyre is the first person that is going to be on Mars. Right now she is preparing at the Johnson Space Center.

She is the first woman to go into space, all of the 12 people that have been on the moon were men. A senior Nasa engineer has said that the first person to go on Mars is a woman.

This is a change for society, because a woman is going into space for the first time, and the first person is going to be Mars. It changes things for woman because a lot of people think that men should be doing this type of thing but women should not.

Society is going to change once the first woman goes out into space, since most people think it is a men job it will surely change their mind. Women are finally getting opportunities to go out and do jobs that men usually do.

McIntyre has been working with Nasa for 30 years. McIntyre says that there are a lot of women that work in the field but only men go into space.

Nasa says that the next person on the moon is most likely to be a woman. Which is a big change since only men have gone into space.

Nasa has a lot of women working for them, but don’t send them out. Since 1978 women started to work with Nasa. Today women comprise 34% of active Nasa astronauts.

Nasa will also have the first all-female spacewalk at the end of the month on March 29. When Anne McClain and Christina Koch will float around in space. The space walk will last about seven hours.

Nasa said if things go as planned the next person that goes to the moon will also be a woman, that would make it the first woman on the moon. Nasa is finally changing the way they do things, they are letting women go out into space.

Nasa has a lot of women working for them, but only men went up into space. Now women and men can both go up into space as they would like. They have to go through a lot of training, and make sure they qualify to go into space.

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