Student Council Safety Driving PSA

Tiana Specht, Staff Reporter

Gering High School student council sent out a Driving Safety Public Service Announcement.

It is a two minute video to promote the use of seatbelts and discourage distracted driving.

They produced a simulated crash scene for the filming of the public service announcement. During the month of February student council and media production class teamed up with various emergency services.

Deacon Dameron, produced the behind the scenes video to highlight the planning and production of the two minute PSA. Dameron then went on and sent it into a video contest sponsored by Toyota.

Toyota Teen Drive 365 video contest is a chance to win $15,000 for the high school. National finalists will be announced on April 9 2019.

The students in the media production advised by Broc Brown used four cameras to produce a two minute, one minute, and a 30 second PSA.

It was then distributed it to local and regional television outlets and social media. The video was also shown to students within the school. It was put on YouTube and on the school website.

The Gering volunteer fire department provided the car that was used in the PSA that was previously involved in a crash.

The city of Gering provided a loader to flip the car.

and some other emergency services that helped are Regional West Medical Center, Air Link, and the Nebraska State Patrol.

Scotts Bluff county is in the top five of the worst counties in Nebraska that doesn’t wear seatbelts.

Driver errors are the most often the result of “distracted driving”.

By far the most common cause of driver distraction is the use of cell phones. Distracted driving also includes putting on makeup when driving, thinking about other things, eating, talking to someone in the car, and not simply paying attention when driving.

Student Council wanted to put out the PSA so teens will know the dangers of driving. They want teens to look out for other cars on the road, and to say off of our phones.

Teens are most distracted while driving, they might hear their phones go off then check it. So next time you decide to drive stay away from all distractions while driving.

Make sure you put your phone on silent, or use the driving app to make all of the notifications not pop up. Be attentive and and drive responsibly.