Flourishing a passion for music

Adam Flowers, Staff Reporter

I remember when I was 12 years old, fresh to the sixth-grade, I picked up a trumpet for the very first time in my life. Obviously, I had no clue of how to play it. My little cheeks puffed out like a pufferfish, my hands fumbled with holding the brass instrument and my fingers randomly hammered down on the valves. My mother recorded me with excitement and compared me to the famous Louis Armstrong. As a huge grin stretched across my face, I knew I was going to really enjoy myself and playing the trumpet. Although, if you told me that I was going to continue playing in the future, I most likely would not have believed you.

  As I wake up every single day, I remember how thankful I am for music. It’s a common thing that we listen to and experience daily, but music has brought me to become the person I am today. It has opened me to a plethora of opportunities that I would not receive without it, it has brought me to meet new people that I have grown very close to and it has unlocked a new passion that I have grown to enjoy.

  When I was younger, particularly in elementary school, there was nothing I really enjoyed. I didn’t have any passions or hobbies. I had a voracious love for school. I always took pride and joy in learning new things, like capitals of different countries and the past U.S. presidents, but I had no other passion to accompany my love for school. When I first started on trumpet, I would play it every now and then, but practicing seemed like a chore, so practically fell out of love. I didn’t enjoy it anymore and I was all of a sudden passionless. Around that age, I wanted to see growth immediately.

  As I continued to practice, I started to enjoy playing. I realized that you can’t have growth instantaneously, but instead, you have to work for it. I’ve continued this mantra throughout high school and it’s led me to placed I never knew I could go.

  Music has brought me close to people that have seemingly changed my life. My first band directors have inspired me to experience this growth as well as numerous other music educators and instructors down the road. Those people have made me a better player and a better person. They’ve given me the gift of music and because of them, I’m inspired to give that gift in the same way to multiple other people.

  I’ve also made numerous friends. The bond that we share from music and numerous other things is something that cannot be broken. I’ve gotten the chance to make an amazing friend from the Omaha area, in which we still talk daily through the busy days we undergo. Every opportunity that comes my way when I’m there, we plan to see each other. It’s taught me that people can enjoy the same things and become better people because of it.

  Like I said earlier, if you told me that this is a passion that I would continue out through my entire life, I would most likely not believe you. But as I stand here today, I can easily say that choosing to let music into my life was one of the greatest ideas I’ve ever had. Through the trials and tribulations, great amounts of stress and overall negative emotion, I’ve been given a positive outlook on myself and my future nonetheless.