Feature: Art Club

Paige Schneider, Staff Reporter

The Gering High School’s art club has had a fantastic year and still has a few exciting events coming up before the year is over.

The art club is run by the GHS art teacher, Ryan Bosche. Bosche became a sponsor for art club eight years ago when he began teaching in Gering, though the club had already been running a few years before. “A lot of it is helping with decorations, for dances, and creating posters for the school, and we help with concessions,” Bosche says when asked what students do in the art club.

Some of the art club members have helped with the brand new library program, which meets once a month at the Gering library. ”We just started the library program recently. Each month they have a meeting and some of the art club students teach the kids some basic skills.” The first library ‘art club’ was held just last month, and the students taught the children how to shade and about character development. The next meeting will be focused on painting and mixing different colors. This isn’t the only thing that the students of art club have participated in outside of the high school – earlier in the year, they did face paint at the Geil Elementary back to school bash.

The most significant project of the year is the memory project. The memory project is a program out of Michigan. People got to third world countries and take photos of children in orphanages. The photos are sent all across the nation for art students to recreate before the photos are shipped back to the children.  “The memory project is definitely my favorite project art club does. It’s fun and you get to see a video of them receiving their pictures and how happy they are. It’s just a piece of paper to us but to them, it’s super meaningful.” says Logan Buhr, a senior and the president of the club.

The art club is preparing for the finale of the year, their trip to the art museums in Denver. This year the students have something extra special to look forward to: Leonardo DaVinci originals. The members will attend the art and the natural history museums. “My favorite thing is when we go to Denver and seeing the kids see all of the artwork in person because slides don’t do any justice to art. It’s really cool to see them actually interacting with the art,” says Bosche.

Although the word ‘art’ is in the clubs name, you don’t have to be an artistic prodigy to be part of the action. “If you have any interest in any form of art you should definitely be a part of it. There’s a large variety of kids, so it’s nice to meet other students, maybe people you wouldn’t normally talk with. They’re all mixed in the art club, it’s not just art kids.” The club is a great way for all different types of students to meet. Natalie Reichert, a two-year member of the club, says, “I like hanging out with people I wouldn’t normally hang out with. It’s just fun meeting new people that you don’t usually see in your classes and you meet your upperclassmen and your lower classmen and it’s just fun.”