SATIATING HER PASSION FOR COOKING: Meisner enters her fifth year of owning the Mixing Bowl

Adam Flowers, Staff Reporter

In an effort to create a business that she knew all people in the town of Gering would enjoy, local Jamie Meisner opened up the Mixing Bowl cafe in 2014. This will now be her fifth year of owning the business.

  “I’ve always had a passion for cooking,” said Meisner. “I just wanted to be able to make food the way I wanted to make food that I liked, food I know new people like.”

  Meisner has been interested in cooking from a very young age when she would cook with her grandmother. She said that taking the foods classes at Gering High School encouraged her interest to grow. With her previous experience of working in other businesses, she wanted to take the opportunity to branch off and create her own. Meisner integrated her passion of cooking with a new business she could bring to Gering.

  With her business, she wanted to create a very homely and inviting atmosphere that will remind you of how it may be at your family’s house. The business does full breakfast, full lunch, bakery foods and specialty drinks.

  “It wasn’t too difficult [to start the business],” she said. There was definitely a need for a restaurant like ours here in Gering, so it’s just been a slow and steady build up to where we are now.”

  Meisner earned her bachelor’s degree in Food Service Management from Denver, CO, so she had a prior understanding of how things would work when it came to how things would function. As far as running her own business, it was a learning process. As an owner, she’s learned that it is a lot of patience and a lot of time, but it’s something that is definitely worthwhile in the end.

  “My favorite part about [being the owner] is definitely interacting with the customers. We have a great community and they’re so supportive, so it makes it really easy to talk with people and find out about their day and what’s going on in their lives.”

  Meiser said she has a lot of regulars, but there are plenty of new faces that come into the business daily, who eventually become her regulars.

  “[With the business] we’ve definitely grown. We are actually trying to expand right now and that in itself is going to take a couple more years. It’s definitely something that takes time.”

  Meisner plans on having the second location be somewhere in Gering, particularly because she grew up and has always lived in the town.

  “Besides expanding, we want to be able to offer more to our customers than what we currently are right now. To do that, we need more space.”

  As the business advances into its fifth year of being open, Meisner is hopeful that her business will grow even further than it already has.