Gering High School sees significant progress

Adam Flowers, Staff Reporter

The Gering High school has been under construction since the summer of 2018. Since then, there have been significant progress made on the building.

  Most recently, the media center was 100 percent completed. In the past month of February, new furniture was moved in as well as book shelves as well as all of the books that were in the previous media center. The previous media center is where the new freshman academy will be. Along with the completion of the library, new glass windows were installed where the commons will be.

  Superintendent Bob Hastings is thrilled to see a high school that is 100 percent complete and fully updated.

  “The great thing about our project is that all areas of the school will be better for everyone,” said Hastings. “Opening the new library was exciting as this has impacted everyone at GHS.  Excitement exists around completion of the auxiliary gym and wrestling room.  The thing that most talk to me about is the new commons area.”

  While the construction has affected the high school and how people navigate the building, teachers and students have handled it rather well.

  “While all construction brings with it some distractions and inconveniences, everyone has pretty much rolled with the punches and taken things in stride.”

  There are numerous things that are still in progress, including the auxiliary gym, locker rooms, weight room and auditorium. Hastings clarified that work will begin on the auditorium once the spring musical is over, which is considerably the next biggest phase.

  As of now, there will not be a lot of major changes that students will easily recognize within in the building. Hastings said that most of the things will be completed once school is out.

  “The next major thing that students will experience is that sometime near the first to middle part of April, the hall that goes into the commons by the offices will be opened up and we will begin to use that hall and a path through the new commons to access the gym.  The hallway that we currently use to access the gym will be torn out at that time and the north access to the gym will be cut off until the end of the summer.”

  The estimated time the construction will be finished is in mid-August, around the time school will begin for the 2019 – 2020 academic year.

  “It has been a fun project and we can’t wait to see the completely finished product!”