You can’t ‘just leave’

Tiana Specht, Staff Reporter

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Relationship abuse is a very serious thing, most people will get into a relationship that could be abusive. There are many types of abuse that can happen there is physical, verbal, emotional, and sexual.

There are many more but these are the main four that occur. Most women are abused in the relationship but men can be too.

Physical abuse is if they lay a hand on you or if they do something out of anger. Emotional abuse can be difficult to recognize, some mistake it as an intense feeling of love, but in reality it’s not.

Verbal abuse is if they say put downs or if they threaten you or make you feel awful, it would be happening all the time. Sexual abuse is where you are forced into doing something sexual with your significant other, it could happen to men or women.

If you are experiencing abuse there are many ways of getting help. You can call 911 or you can call your emergency hotline, you can tell someone or talk to someone about what is going on.

Some people take relationship abuse as a joke, and don’t think this can happen to anyone. Then they ask why can’t the person just leave, well they might not leave because they are scared that their significant other might hurt them again, or maybe they don’t feel like leaving because they think it is their fault that this is happening to them.

When people are in an abusive relationship they tend to exclude themselves from their family and friends, and tend to not show up to some events. They usually take the blame, and feel like they are doing everything wrong, and that it is always their fault.

When people get abuse they tend to say sorry for most things that they didn’t even mean to do. They tend to get scared around everyone or scared around their significant other.

If you know someone that is going through this and want them to get help, but they don’t want to you can also contact someone too. Ask them questions about their relationship, and how it is going. Then they might start opening up to you.

The mostly known abuse is physical and most people only think that, that is the only way to show abuse. Everyone might know someone who is going through this, but they might not know who the person is.

Abuse is a serious matter especially relationship abuse, if you are in a relationship they shouldn’t hit you, push you around, or make you do things you don’t want to do.

Nobody can just leave from an abusive relationship, it takes time to move away from that person.

If you are or  have been in an abusive relationship then you know what people are going through. If you or someone you know is going through this i suggest that you contact help right away, or go talk to someone about it. Nobody should be going through something like this, because it isn’t fair to that person or to you.

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