‘My whole career has been education’

Abby Madden, Staff Reporter

Barb Ehrhart has been working as the Director of Student Services for the Gering Public Schools for the past five years. At the end of this school year she will be retiring.

She has been working in the education system for 45 years. She was done several different jobs including teaching in many public school systems, being an administrator for different school districts and teaching for ESU 13 district.

Ehrhart grew up in Buffalo New York. She graduated from Adams State College, Colorado in 1974 with an undergraduate degree in Special Education. She then received her secondary education in School Psychology at the University Of Nebraska at Kearney in 1994. She then served as a university Graduate College Representative to the Executive Council.

Growing up she thought she was going to become a marine biologist, but I did not pass the diving test. Her head couldn’t handle the water pressure. After not passing one of her professors wanted someone to volunteer to go visit schools. I just so happened that I could go and she loved working with kids.

“I decided then to go into education, because I loved working with kids. The more classes I took the more I realized that it was something that I enjoyed,” said Erhart.

Before returning to gering Erhart has been a part of the Mitchell school district as a teacher and was also a teacher for the Alliance School district. She also served Torrington school district as an administrator.

As an administrator for Gering she oversees the Special Education department and the school nurses. She also works in conjunction with all the principals. Lots of problem solving is involved with her job. If there are complaints or things that need to be managed go to her. Also thing that the Superintendent Hastings needs.

“My whole career has been education, my big thing is working with not only the students but also the administrators. The administor team is amazing here at Gering is amazing. I also like being able to work in an office but also like going to schools. I spend half my time in the office and half my time in the schools,” said Ehrhart.

Barb has also been active in Nebraska School Psychologist Association (NSPA) for the last 25 years. She has also presented some of her research at a NSPA convention held in Chicago and has provided several in-service training as requested in the district.

This year she decided to retire because she thought it was time. She lives on 42 acres of land and has horses. It was just too much to handle for her and cannot wait to have something smaller and easier to handle. The incoming director is also a friend of hers and she is ready to take the reins.

“I have grandchildren that are growing up and are involved in activities and I want to watch them. I am also very excited that I am leaving the administration in good hands,” said Erhart.