A Review: Ted Bundy Tapes

Tiana Specht, Staff Reporter

Conversations with a Killer the : Ted Bundy Tapes is a mini series that lets you step into the mind of a killer. Two journalists set out to get the definitive story of infamous serial killer, told by the man himself.

The Netflix Original Documentary mini series was set out on Thursday, January, 24, directed by Joe Berlinger. The series has four episodes so far, that are about an hour long.

Ted Bundy was an american serial killer, kidnapper, rapist, burglar, and necrophile who assaulted and murdered young women in the 1970’s and possibly sooner.

Ted Bundy was executed 30 years ago, after confessing to the murder of 30 women.

Bundy confessed to the 30 murders that he has done in the seven states, between 1974 and 1978. Bundy was charged with life in prison.

In the first episode “Handsome Devil” it tells us about all of the cases. Bundy was on the FBI’s top ten most-wanted list. The detectives that were working on the case in Seattle said that they have not seen anything like how he murdered Lynda Healy.

The second episode “One of Us” tells us how investigators search for a suspect in the string of brutal murders near Seattle. A woman manages to escape the killer’s clutches in Utah.

The third episode “Not My Turn to Watch Him” follows several brazen escapes, Bundy flees to Florida where he unleashes a wave of atrocities. Also, a simple traffic stop spawns a mystery.

The final episode is “Burn Bundy Burn” is where Bundy’s double-murder trial transforms into a bizarre circus with an unhinged ringleader. Later, the accused makes a last-ditch effort to stay alive.

I would very much recommend this series to anyone who wants something new to watch. It is very climatic and is something to binge watch. If you don’t like crime shows, I would still recommend watching this mini series.