Is school spirit declining?

Adam Flowers

 Everyday as I walk down the hallway of my high school, I notice colors of royal blue and bright gold stricken across the clothes of the student body. These bright blue and gold shirts parade around the school building. It reminds me of the pride I feel as well as many others feel to be attending this school. Although, it seems every time I attend a pep rally or a sporting event, there is little to no cacophony of pumped-up cheers and most of the seats are plagued with emptiness. When we wear our pride on our clothes, do we really show it through our actions?

  School spirit is simply defined as showing pride or spirit towards your school. Seemingly, this pride has declined in the past years. Before, it was almost like school was for going to big games, school dances and pep rallies. Although, this lack of school spirit isn’t just taking place in our school, but in schools across the country.

  As we grow older and further ourselves into a society where it seems socially unacceptable to show school pride, we lose this kind of “pep” and motivation to attend these types of events and have fun. This could simply be by the fact that we’re slammed with busy schedules, consisting of classes, work and tests. Seemingly, students no longer feel the need to participate or have fun.

  The busy schedules can also be accompanied by the fact that no one really cares anymore; no one wants to make an effort anymore, simply because people aren’t interested. This apathy, or lack of care, in students is showing a rapid growth. The National Research Center stated in a 2003 article that approximately 40 percent of students are chronically disengaged from school. Not just from activities, but from school entirely. This percentage has increased extrementally. From my own personal experience, there is not one school day that I miss when I hear someone say the words “I hate school”.

  A primary example that I have noticed when it comes to the lack of school pride is spirit week. Spirit week is a fun time to dress up for fun in preparation for a big sporting event and typically a dance that follows. There is a small, select group of students who participate, whereas everyone else is dressed in their normal street clothes. From what I’ve noticed, the students that don’t participate “don’t want to look stupid” and would feel “silly” if they did participate.

  To the students reading this, I want to tell you this: don’t just wear your pride on your clothes, but wear it in your hearts. High school is a time of our lives that we won’t get back. Granted it can be dreaded, it truly is an era where great memories are created and experiences are lived. If we want these memories to be full of fun moments, then we should lighten up and learn how to have fun. Let’s live in the moment and remember to be proud of who we are.