The new Gering High School principal: Mr. Rocky Schneider

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The new Gering High School principal: Mr. Rocky Schneider

Olivia Longmore, Staff Reporter

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As most people know, the Gering high school principal Mr. Eldon Hubbard is retiring after the end of this school year in May 2019. There were recent interviews that each candidate participated in. There were four applicants considered where a team of interviewers took turns asking the scripted questions. There was a variety of people interviewing and I was able to represent the student body by sitting in on these interviews. On Jan. 15 2019, the administration sent a collective email to each of the teachers announcing that the applicant selected to be our principal for the school year of 2019-2020 was Mr. Rocky Schneider.

Schneider previously worked as a principal at Colorado Brush high school in Boulder, CO. He is thrilled to get to be a part of our community and work in our high school.

“We have grown to love the area,” Schneider said. “The community commitment to education, the people we have met, size of the school, and the schools potential for greatness.”

Schneider is passionate about what he calls “the ripple effect”, where community members become involved with the students to further stretch their education. Schneider wants “impact students in such a way that inspires them to influence others and future generations.” Schneider was affluent that he had two children that will be enrolled in the Gering school system following his move to Gering, which in his words, “makes this more than a job to me.”

One benefit to having a new principal includes fresh ideas from a new perspective. Schneider is interested in implementing new, varied forms of communication so he can best know what our community wants and needs to best help the education system here in Gering.

From his principal work in his previous schools, he has found that collaboration and communication is very important. “To promote collaboration we will have a staff leadership team, a student leadership team, and a parent/community leadership team” Schneider said. “I also intend to use staff surveys, student surveys, and parent surveys to provide individuals with the opportunity to express ideas, concerns, and opinions.”

While many people may be aware of this new change, many people are wary of the thought of a new principal. Gering high school science teacher Jenn Dillinger is excited to see the new changes Schneider will bring. Dillinger was part of the interview process of Schneider and the other candidates. Dillinger said, “He had some great ideas and it seemed that he had a lot of relevant experience with schools our size. He brought a fresh perspective that would bring changes to better our school culture.”

Dillinger acknowledges that with this upcoming year there will be many new school changes. Dillinger says, “While change is scary it is always exciting to see what could come of the changes coming.” Dillinger is thrilled to see what this next school year has in store.

Gering high school is undergoing a variety of new changes, but each member of the staff, student body, and community are focused on benefiting the education of the students as well as shaping the culture of our community.

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