Netflix original movie takes the U.S. by storm

Tiana Specht, Staff Reporter

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The Netflix Original “Bird Box” came out on Thursday, December 13. Written by Eric Heisserer and directed by Susanne Bier.

The story tells about a mysterious force that makes you take your own life. If you see it then you die, unless you are not in the right mindspace, pregnant, or blind.

Malorie, played by Sandra Bullock, is the main character whose life it is based off of. It goes from the past to the present, in the past she is pregnant and not knowing what is going on. In the present, which is five years later, she has two children named “boy” and “girl”.

Malorie tries to find somewhere that may offer a sanctuary. She travels there with her two children blindfolded. She flees down the river trying to find the sanctuary, knowing that things may get worse.

Malorie went through a lot in the past. She met new people, found love, and had her child. In the middle of the movie they invite this man named Gary (played by Tom Hollander) into their safe haven, assuming he is another person seeking refuge from the mysterious force. Malorie and Olympia (played by Danielle MacDonald) have their children. Gary makes everyone look outside to see how beautiful the mysterious force is. It was clear that Gary was not in the right mind and therefore did not suffer from the risk. The only people that stayed safe while he was doing this is Maloire, the two children and Tom (played by Trevante Rhodes).

Maloire and Tom start their family in a cottage in the woods. However, people that can see through the craziness try to find them. Tom takes off his blindfold to save Maloire and the children’s lives, then takes his life.

At the end of the movie Maloire and the children get to the sanctuary and are able to take off the blindfolds. Maloire tells her children that she is their mother and they can call her mom, she also names “boy” “Tom”, and “girl” “Olympia”.

“Bird Box” is based off of the book but it is different in many ways and the ending was changed. The book had a darker ending than the movie. The “mysterious force” they are seeing must be terrifying and very sad.

Ever since the movie came out there have been “challenges” where you blindfold yourself and go out and do every day things.  The “Bird Box Challenge” has caused many deaths and landed many people in the hospital.

Netflix issued a “Bird Box Challenge warning” since everyone started to do the challenge. The challenge is where you have to go outside, wander around, and you cannot take off your blindfold.

Youtube banned videos that have anything to do with this challenge, If they are harmful or dangerous in anyway they are not allowed on the site. The “Bird Box Challenge” is a very dangerous game to play, you could get yourself very injured.

When “Bird Box” came out everyone was very excited but then after some people watched it they weren’t very happy how the movie turned out. In my opinion “Bird Box” is a good movie to watch and I very much recommend it. It is a thrill-seeking movie and very dramatic.

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