AJ’s Soda Shop – A new local business

A new exciting soda shop opened on January 10 located right off Broadway in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Originally AJ´s was located in Torrington, Wyoming, but the owner, Jaclyn Miller, had intentions of opening one in Scottsbluff since the old Scarpino´s building was available.

 You can get coffee, tea, bubble tea, ice cream, and frozen yogurt at the new soda shop. Anyone who wants a taste can get it. However, it is more popular with the middle schoolers and high schoolers, which is why the location is perfect.  

Being very popular within the community many students are posting pictures of their favorite drinks on their snapchat stories. It is very inexpensive and the drive thru makes it perfect when you’re in a rush and craving a nice drink.

On the inside, the shop is bright, trendy, and very appealing to the eye full of colors. There is seating and also a drive thru.

When it comes to the menu and what to order, there are endless possibilities. You can create your own drink consisting of a shake, pop, or even boba balls with any of your favorite add ons. AJ´s favorites are also choices on the menu with spunky names like Salty Kisses, Beach Bum, or Nectar of the Gods. There are not only soda´s and shakes, but AJ´s also has treats like homemade sugar, chocolate chip cookies and muffins. Even breakfast sandwiches with the choice of Ham, Bacon, or Sausage.

All of the menu choices are very affordable. One large 32oz Beach Bum is only$2.09. While a small 16oz is only $1.14. It’s almost impossible to pass up a deal like that!

Doing very good with customers, it does take a little bit to get what you ordered whether in the drive thru, or from ordering inside the shop. The wait is for sure worth it though when it comes to AJ´s fresh made treats.