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Musical Cast Results Announced!

Abby Madden, Staff Reporter

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On Monday January 21, Mrs. Revele revealed the cast results after school at 3:30. Those who auditioned for the roles tried out the Tuesday and Thursday the week prior.

To audition to for the rolls the individuals had to do both a singing audition, which was held on Tuesday January 15. The speaking auditions were held on January 17.

The auditions consisted of two groups. Those who were trying out for lead rolls and those you were trying out for the choir.

The leading characters in the musical consists of Sophie Sheridan who will be played by senior Alaina Millay, Ali (a friend of Sophie’s) will be played by junior Ali Boswell, and Lisa (a friend of Sophie’s) will be played by sophomore Kennie McFarland.

Other leads including Donna Sheridan-Carmichael (Sophie’s Mother) will be played by junior Kelsey Bohnsack, Rosie Mulligan (a friend of Donna’s) will be played by sophomore Madison Walker, and Tanya Chisham-Leigh (a friend of Donna’s) will be played by senior Rachel Rawlings.

The male leads include Harry Bright (one of the possible three dads) will be played by junior Mark Karpf, Bill Anderson (one of the possible three dads) will be played by senior Quinton Janecek, and Sam Carmichael  (one of the possible three dads) will be played by senior Logan Moravec.

Other male leads include Sky (the groom in the wedding) will be played by junior Zac Wilson, Pepper (Sky’s best man) will be played by senior Logan Murdock, and Eddie (friend of Sky’s) will be played senior Isaiah Henderson. The Frier Alexandrios will be played by senior Cole Bevins.

The women’s chorus includes:


Ava Marez

Karissa Hannaford

Alexis Stock

Jaelyn Laymon

Ashlyn Reinmuth

Jasmyn Sinner

Alyssa Wright

Evelyn Anderson-Saenz

Lydia Connot

Gabrielle Contreras

Kyla Knight

Elizabeth Malsam

Hope McCoy

 Zoee Smith

Morgan Van Anne

Emali Bowers

Brianna Castrejon Lopez

Brenlyn Dunn

Victoria Eckerberg

Jassie Kaur

Makayla Onstott

Anna Ossian

Cailin Demeranville

Destiny Mueller

Hannah Splattstoesser

Jazlyn Ybarra

Aspyn Johnson

Sydnee Brester

Olivia Longmore

Tori Mannel

Tayber Myer

Kayle Morris

Oliva Shaub

Cloey Fries

Kami Gaasch

Lyndsey Gross

Hannah Johns

Delisha Neal

Faith Smith

Kelly Snelling

Eli Winkler


The men’s chorus include:


Lesane Hernandez

Jeremiah Contreras

Mason Brumbaugh

Andrew Clarey

Adan Valencia

Gavin Nuss

Riley Schanaman

Maceo Ayala

Alex Backus

Dakota Boles

Jacob Casebolt

Johnny Castrejon-Lopez

Craig Mannel

Riley Schilz

Kyle Schroeder

Nathan Van Anne

Hunter Walker

The choir practices once a week in a full group on either Tuesdays or Thursdays at 7:00 pm. The leads will begin their practices on January 24 at 7:00 and will continue to work twice a week.

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Musical Cast Results Announced!