Winter Royalty 2018


Olivia Longmore, Staff Reporter

On Saturday January twelfth, there was a school dance held for the sophomore through senior students at the Weborg 21 center from nine to twelve in the evening. The royals were crowned the previous evening in-between the girls and boys varsity games. The second attendants were Justin Scott and Josie Brown, the first runners up were Riley Schilz and Kassidy Rhamig, and our king and queen were Kyle Schroeder and Arianna Mitchell. Congratulations to all the nominees for this award. The estimate for the students who attended was between 100-150 students, a great turn out for this specific dance.

The entryway was decorated with christmas trees and an arch through the doorway. As you walked in, there were tables and chairs set up to the right of the hall and a floor area cleared for dancing to the left. There was also a spot to take pictures with a beautifully decorated christmas scene. The DJ was named Sunni and he was able to play old school music with a new beat and tempo. It was interesting and challenging to dance to a fast version of the “Cupid Shuffle” where he then slowed it way down during parts of the chorus line. Students also had the opportunity to request songs that they wanted to dance to.

The journalism class would like to thank the GGAA girls who planned this evening. We would also like to say thank you to Mr. Hubbard, Mrs. Gable, and Mrs. Trautman for both allowing the GGAA club to host this event and for being one of our three chaperones for this evening.