Domestic Violence in the NFL

Hunter Walker, Staff Reporter

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Recently the NFL has had some major issues involving Domestic Violence and their players. The league has had numerous problems in the past with domestic violence but the problem has not gone away and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Suppose you are someone who is interviewing applicants for a job that you have open and your scrolling through their resume and you were doing a background check like you do on most employers and you see that the applicant is facing charges of sexual assault or aggravated assault. What would you do? Would you just go right on ahead to the next applicant? Not the NFL. They open their doors wide open. One example is Joe Mixon, who was a highly touted draft prospect who was chosen in the 2nd round by the Cincinnati Bengals. He was caught on video hitting a women so hard that she fell to the ground unconscious. Mixon would then plead guilty to the incident and receive a misdemeanor. And of course the most recent incident was the Kareem Hunt situation where he was caught on a hotel video beating a women very severely in his hometown of Cleveland. Hunt was released by the Kansas City Chiefs just hours after the video surfaced. Hunt was then put on the Commissioner’s exempt list which suspended him indefinitely. However, the thing that really jumped out to me about the whole situation is that the NFL never interviewed Hunt about the issue or even discussed the issue with him. Now you tell me if you are a CEO of a company and one of your employee’s is involved in a situation as serious as this is if you were a smart business wouldn’t you want to interview the employee that you had hired and is now giving your company a bad reputation? I know I would. Many smart people around the league expect that Kareem Hunt will be back and playing in the NFL at some point and I am not saying that’s a bad thing because a young man who made a mistake should still be given a chance to earn a living doing what he loves. However, the league still gets a bad look for the way that they handled this Kareem Hunt situation and the main question being asked is what is the NFL doing to stop this situation and more importantly if and when this happen again what is the league going to in the aftermath of the incident to handle it better.

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