Being Part of a Team

Jenna Balthazor, Staff Reporter

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By being a part of numerous sports programs for all of my years of high school, I have experienced the dynamics behind different teams. There are the stellar teams that sweep every team they play and there are teams that are completely horrible and they all hate each other. I have been a part of teams that despise each other and teams that love each other. Being on a team, no matter what sport or activity, is special. At the end of the year it does not matter your win to lose ratio or if you went to state or not, the memories are what matter. I believe that the sooner you realize this, the more you will be able to contribute to your teams. Stepping up and being a leader on the court takes a lot of guts, and not many people have guts anymore. Leading a team and gaining their trust is one of the toughest things to do. But, once you do have a team that trusts each other and has each other’s back, you will be unstoppable. Basketball is the sport that is in season right now so I will use this as an example. It does not matter if you have the five best players in the world on one team, you will not be great. You need five really good players that know their role on the team, and are willing to work together. In Gering I think that our programs have really been getting back to what sports were all about, a team. No one cares how many points you had or how many kills you had in a game, we care about whether or not we played as a team and got the job done. Having a teammate is also an automatic friend. You spend a lot of time together and grow close. The teammates that have been playing together since seventh grade start to hangout more outside of the sport and therefore perform better on the court together. Being apart of a team truly does change how you look at life. You begin to realize that life is not about what you can do for yourself, it is about what you can do to benefit others and a group as a whole. A team is a family. I am so grateful that I have been able to be apart of all of these amazing teams, as well as the horrible ones. Each team has taught me a lesson about life. Do not take for granted the time that you are given with a team. It is special. So make the most out of each year you get.

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