Compulsary Schooling

Olivia Longmore, Staff Reporter

It is required by law that children ages six to seventeen be educated in some form of public or private schooling. However after the age limit of seventeen, it is up to each student to decide if they want to further their education. The compulsory education law gives the students the option to opt out of high school if they are eighteen years or older. However there are certain exceptions to this law, one including home school. As long as the student meets all the learning requirements to graduate, the student is on a case-by-case basis where it is decided whether or not their required education is finished. This law is a fantastic idea to help the students that do not wish to continue their learning.

Kids grow up starting from the ground up, and it is essential that we have teachers come and guide us. In today’s world, there are many more necessities that come to having a successful life such as understanding finances, taxes, technology, and career opportunities. Since we need to know more about how to be successful in life, we need to have a longer education process. However, we come to a stage in life where school, simply isn’t preparing us for what happens outside of it. School becomes more about grades rather than learning and retaining the information given.

A good grade or GPA is relative to each individual in school. While some students believe that the only acceptable GPA is a 3.5 or higher, others disagree and say that as long as the students are trying their best and learning the GPA isn’t significant. However, this doesn’t account for the students who don’t put effort into their work. There are simply kids who don’t enjoy learning and don’t take grades seriously. These students tend to be the labor workers of the world and do not necessarily need a higher education. They are valuable to society in the fields that they choose, which are the classes that they succeed in.

After a certain age, it is unnecessary to try to stick them in a classroom where they are gaining no more information to help them for what they are going to do outside of high school. At this point, it must be up to the teen to decide what their next step in life is. You cannot force a student to retain information in class. They may be able to come up with the grades for it, but if they have lost the will and strive to remember what is being taught, it is all for naught. They will leave with nothing more than when they walked into that class with, except a grade. Not all students are built to sit still in classrooms for hours at a time, and once they are old enough it is pointless to try and teach that life skill. Teachers have done their job in helping the students prepare to the best of their abilities, which is why, at the age of eighteen, it should become their decision if going to school will benefit them more or not.