Who is Instagram’s barry_bee_benson7?

Olivia Longmore, Staff Reporter

Social media, while it is a great way to stay connected with friends and family while apart, it can also be a very narcissistic outlet. There are people who use social media as a way to see receive more likes on their selfies. Of course, not all people are like this, but as I was on social media I noticed the vast difference between the groups of people. I saw just how many people have at least one post about their negative views on their appearance. There are also a shocking amount of people in Gering High school that post negative comments or biographies on their own profiles. I am assuming that one particular person in our school recognized this too and decided to help. There is a new person circling through our very own highschool promoting positivity and helping boost self image in students. Screen name “barry_bee_benson7” has found an interesting way to promote positivity. No one knows who the person behind this instagram account is, or, at least, no one will tell. Barry Bee Benson is based on a fictional character from  The Bee Movie. Barry’s posts appear to have been geared toward the students of Gering High school. The posts contain a variety of students including one act, mock trial, choir, and have specific highlighted students.

Since its invention, social media has been an outlet for people to share their emotions. There have been many scientific researches on the impacts of social media. Most include that the more time spent on scrolling through other people’s social media accounts directly correlates with that person’s mental health and happiness. Seeing other people’s selfies and pictures with friends can lower self-esteem if they come into contact with it often. Reading positive comments on other’s pictures and comparing them with your own is another big issue in today’s society. This thus results in the low self-esteem of many people, especially teens who use social media often.

I went ahead and took the time to message Barry through Instagram. While this person would not tell me who they were, they did tell my why they created this account and chose to keep it a secret. Barry’s goal is to promote positivity in the school, which got me wondering why Barry chose to keep his or her identity a secret. So I asked Barry, and Barry decided to anonymously give recognitions because, in his words, it’s “not important, as long as I can make a difference in our school”. Barry doesn’t want the recognition for himself, rather wants to put the emphasis on the students receiving them. Barry is not specifically targeting a specific group or class of students. He just wants to have the students of Gering High school become a closer, more cohesive group of people.