Mr. Hubbard announces retirement

Hunter Walker, Staff Reporter

After 29 years of working at Gering High School, both as a teacher and a principal, Mr Hubbard officially decided to retire this fall. This news was not all that shocking to the student body who had been wondering when Mr. Hubbard would eventually retire. It especially didn’t come as a shock to the faculty who had also been curious about when Hubbard would retire. I went and talked to Mrs Graslie who’s taught for 40 years about how Mr. Hubbard operated. “One of the main things about Hubbard that I really liked was how you never felt guilty about missing school days because of family situations because throughout 40 years you end up missing quite a few days for family stuff and I never once felt any guilt about not being at school. And for the part about just running the school I always thought Mr. Hubbard ran a good ship discipline wise and that always made it easier on the teachers when you kind of had a fear of going to Mr. Hubbards office.” I also went and asked Mr. Hubbard a few questions about his retirement. “I think one of my greatest accomplishments in my 29 years of working here was passing the bond issue last spring and getting the new school started. Creating the Freshman Academy was a pretty big accomplishment as well because I thought it worked really well. And I think that this year was the right year to retire because a good chunk of the new school will be done and there will be a lot of grade adjustments and it will kind of be a new start for Gering. I had been trying to figure out the right year to retire in the last couple years and I decided this year, since Gering would be entering a new phase with the new school, that there should be some new leadership.”