Two more shootings take place

Olivia Longmore, Staff Reporter

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On November 24 2018, a domestic dispute occurred at a Florida Walmart which ended in one fatality. Three people were injured, one of which was shot while trying to flee the scene. The suspect David Johnson shot his partner Carli Corlini several times after an argument. It is unclear whether or not the couple was married, but local Walmart employees said that they recognized the couple as they “shop there regularly”. According to CNN An argument at a Florida Walmart leads to gunfire, the suspect then ran to a nearby house and police found him with “a self-inflicted gunshot wound”. The police said that it was unlikely for this man to survive.

Two days earlier in Alabama on November 22 2018  at approximately ten p.m., there was a shooting in the Riverchase Galleria shopping mall. Many people were there shopping and enjoying the early black friday sales when this horrific incident took place. Two teenagers were injured, an unidentified male and 12-year-old Molly Davis. Police got to the scene and mistakenly shot and killed Emantic Bradford Jr., a teenager, who was thought to be the shooter.

Molly and a few of her family members were outside the JC Penney’s entrance when “a fight broke out”. A bullet ricocheted and Molly was shot in her back. Luckily, a military 18-year-old was at the scene. According to CNN news in Alabama mall shooting:, Rashad Billingsley ducked for cover when he heard the first gunshot. There was then a slight pause followed by two more shots fired. He ran to 12-year old Molly Davis, who was now in a hallway with a puncture wound on her back and blood on her shirt. He thought quickly and used the skills he had learned to treat the wound as best he could until paramedics could get her to the hospital. Molly Davis was recently released from the hospital and is doing well. Molly’s mother Julie Moore Bennet posted about the incident on Facebook. She comes to the conclusion that, “Yeah, bad guys are out there. But what I learned from this is that there are so many more good guys and girls who are willing to go above and beyond to help a stranger in need.”, which is a great vision of optimism in this scary time.

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