Lifetime dreams of playing collegiate come true

Abby Madden, Staff Reporter

Olivia Shaub and Arianna Mitchell have achieved a lifetime opportunity to play volleyball at a collegiate level.

On Monday November 12 the two teammates signed in the GHS library to be apart of the Cougar Volleyball Program.

Shaub and Mitchell were hoping to make a major impression on the day they both had the opportunity to practice and scrimmage with the current WNCC volleyball team, to receive an offer to play with them the following school year.

Shortly after that day, WNCC head coach Brinny Canales did call both of the call the girls to ask them to participate and be apart of the Cougar volleyball program. The program over the years has became one of the best junior college programs in the nation.  

When the coach called the two girls they were both ecstatic.

“When the coach called me and made an offer, I was super excited and surprised. Then he told me when he was done on the phone with me he was going to call Arianna and I became even more excited.” said Shaub.

Both Shaub and Mitchell had a feeling they would be playing volleyball close to home for college, and that feeling came true.

“I have always wanted to stay home for college, because I would still have my family close to me for both emotional support and academic support.” said Mitchell.

Ever since her childhood, Schaub has watched Cougar Volleyball at Cougar Palace and also participating in some of there events. She knew when practicing with the existing team, she knew that she belongs at WNCC.

“I remember going to their volleyball camps as a little girl and learning so much from them and improving every time,” said both Mitchell and Shaub.  

When signing the papers in the conference room in GHS building the girls were very joyful. They were happy to see faces from the community come and support them with their decision to play locally.

“When signing the papers I was very nervous,” said Mitchell. “But having Olivia by my side doing it with me made me feel more confident.”

As for the futures both of the girls are very excited, not only they get to stay close to their home and family but they also have many opportunities to make new friendships and experience the world at a college level.

“I am most excited to go to college and make new friendships,” said Shaub.  

“I am most excited to go to college to not only make new friendships but also to experience new experiences,” said Mitchell.