Student Spotlight: Paige Lopez

Hunter Walker, Staff Reporter

How long Have you been playing basketball?

I’ve played since 4th grade, but I’ve started varsity since my freshman year!


What is your favorite memory of playing basketball?

Probably playing Columbus at camp this summer and taking one for the team for kelly.


What are you most excited about for this upcoming basketball season?

I’m most excited about playing with my senior girls, we haven’t all played together since our 8th grade year.


Do you plan on playing college basketball somewhere?

I’m not sure yet!


What is your favorite part about playing basketball?

My favorite part is that basketball can relieve any stress for me, once i touch the ball everything seems to get better!


What does it mean to you to be a senior this year?

It’s crazy that 4 years have gone by so fast, but it means that I have to really cherish these moments with my girls because it will all be gone in a blink of an eye.


Do you have any personal goals this season?

Yes, to always stay positive and be a good leader.


What game are you most excited for this season and why?

I’m most excited to see what all of us seniors can do, we’ve been waiting so long to play with each other again. Hopefully having a good winning record this year.


What will you miss the most after this season?

I’ll miss that I will no longer be #5 for GHS and having to hang up my jersey knowing I’ll never be able to wear it again.