2018 Black Friday

Paige Schneider, Staff Reporter

Black Friday takes place on the fourth Friday of November each year and is a day for families all over to stock up on gifts for one another. Retailers offer heavily discounted prices on their items, which definitely excites customers and skyrockets business. But just what happens when a store is at triple its usual capacity? Here’s what happens when Black Friday turns fatal.

In 2008 at a Walmart in Long Island, a 34-year-old temporary employee was trampled to death. Five minutes before the Walmart opened, the customers, who had been waiting out in the parking lot for hours, decided they’d had enough. Almost 2000 people jumped barricades and flooded into the unopened building, and they even took the doors off of their hinges. It is rumored that in hope of slowing down the stampede the store’s employees made a human chain in front of the raging crowd. One of the links of that chain, Jdimytai Damour, got stuck under the feet of hundreds of people. His coworkers were unable to fight through the crowd to get to him. Finally, the paramedics arrived, though it was too late. Damours condition was grave and he died just an hour after this took place at Franklin Hospital. As if this is bad enough, when paramedics arrived to help Damour, the customers didn’t stop! They continued to stream into the building saying, “I’ve been in line since Friday morning!” and they continued to shop.

Sadly enough, this isn’t the only accident that happened on 2008’s Black Friday, nor was it the only accident at the Long Island Walmart. The same day, a pregnant woman was overcome by the crowd and pushed to the ground. Everyone kept moving, and no one helped, which eventually resulted in the miscarriage of her child. She was found nearby Damour and was rushed to a hospital when the paramedics arrived, but it was too late to save her child. Shortly after this took place, the Walmart closed.

There has been a multitude of shootings on Black Friday, as well. In a Toys R Us, two woman began a bloody brawl which ended in two deaths. One woman suddenly started punching the other, and when blood began to flow, the man who had been accompanying one of the women pulled out a gun. He shot at the opposing women’s companion, who ran back to the store’s electronics section. The man cornered in the electronics revealed a gun of his own, and after a few minutes of gunfire, both men were found dead. What makes this all worse is that the couples’ children had been with them at that time, and had to watch their fathers die.
With all of these hazards, is it really wise to go out and shop on Black Friday? Perhaps internet shopping is better after all.