One Act Comes to a Clase


Paige Schneider, Staff Reporter

The 2018 One Act season has come to an end with the team scoring 2nd place at their Western Conference, 3rd at the Carnie meet, and 8th at districts. Performances were also held for a dinner theatre as well as for the high school during bulldog time. The team began practicing in early September with practices that began at 6 and sometimes ran until 9, every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. The last two weeks of the season the members devoted every night to the activity.

The play this year was Voltaire’s Candide. At the beginning of the play, a naive Candide is told by his optimistic tutor Pangloss, who claims that “all is for the best in this best of all possible worlds.” The rest of the play is Candide being sent through horrible predicaments, each worse than the last, and being confronted with this philosophy at every turn. Voltaire, the writer, is making fun of the fact that the idea of every situation that happens to you is the best that it can be.

Cole Evans and Olivia Longmore played the lead roles, as Candide and Cunégonde. Longmore, who has been in One Act for two years, says about the crew this year that, “There are late practices and it gets really straining mentally and physically, but they’ve been really optimistic and hardworking throughout this entire season.” Longmore says that her favorite part of the season has been the crew, and how family-like they have become throughout the season.

Although the team took the last place at their final meet on November 30th, coach Ryan Bosche says, “The group was really strong and full of amazing actors. The kids did really great as far as the performance went, we thought it was one of our best. The kids are the greatest strength we have.” He is planning on helping coach one act next year, and he wishes to put some more time towards the props, saying that, “I think the set is a big part of what the judges look at overall. Having a really awesome set would be amazing.”